KBank and Nok Air offer air ticket payment via credit card swiping smartphone device

KASIKORNBANK and Nok Air have introduced a payment innovation, K-Merchant on Mobile, for air ticket reservation with credit card swiping device for payment via an application on merchants’ smartphones and tablets at the point of sale anytime, anywhere. The service is expected to expand to a number of smaller merchants soon. At least 20,000 authorized smartphones and tablets are expected to be able to provide the service within next year.


Mr. Krisada Lamsam, Senior Executive Vice President of KASIKORNBANK, said the Bank’s payment innovation, K-Merchant on Mobile, will serve customers’ diverse needs and highlight KBank’s top position in digital banking. Jointly developed by KBank and Singapore’s SwiffPay, an application must be used along with highly-secured mobile point-of-sale (mPOS), a credit card swiping device, in order to offer the new service. It will enhance convenience for the Bank’s member merchants in accepting card payment for diverse goods and service via Visa/MasterCard of all card issuers. In 2012, KBank expects to see a total 375 billion Baht of card spending via 90,000 merchants nationwide, for growth of 28 percent from the previous year, maintaining the Bank’s top position with a market share of 32 percent.

K-Merchant on Mobile,mPOS system

At the initial stage, K-Merchant on Mobile will be available on 1,000 authorized devices in the insurance industry, mobile phone device merchants, direct-sale businesses, and delivery merchants/ restaurants. Next year, at least 20,000 authorized smartphones and tablets will offer this service, including those of flower shops, coffee shops, and clothing shops. The service will add opportunities for card acceptance and sales for member merchants anytime, anywhere.


Nok Air CEO Mr. Patee Sarasin added that Nok Air has consistently offered more payment channels for customers’ convenience. Over the past year, new simple and swift services have been introduced to meet customers’ lifestyles. Under this modern and forward-looking service concept, Nok Air and KBank offer air ticket reservations with card payment under the concept of “Nok X, for a convenient reservation and comfortable flight with K-Merchant on Mobile”. Nok Air is the first airline in Thailand to provide mPOS for customer ticket payment with credit cards of all banks, available from October 1, 2012.


About the mPOS system
Similar to electronic data capture, Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) is a card swiping device for smartphones or tablets that allows payment acceptance via all banks’ Visa/ MasterCards. Once a transaction is processed, cardholders will be required to sign on the screen of the smartphone or tablet, as well as enter their e-mail or mobile phone number on the device. The Bank will submit evidence of the transaction to the customer, instead of merchants printing card slips as done in typical transactions via EDC. This will also help promote cashless payment and paperless card slips.


All member merchants will be given an mPOS handbook and device. They will be required to download the K-Merchant application to their Apple or Android-compatible smartphone or tablet. Upon connecting mPOS with the earphone socket of their device and entering a password provided by the Bank, merchants will be connected with the Bank to offer the K-Merchant on Mobile service as shown in the figure below.

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